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Wifes fantasy stories

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Wifes fantasy stories

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This is a print version of story Wife Fantasy Fulfilled by bbcwife69 from xHamster.

Name: Tressa
Age: 34
City: Hennepin County, Litchfield
Hair: Blond naturally
Relation Type: Saturday Night Nsa 32 Indian Adults Friend 32
Seeking: I Ready Sex Meeting
Relationship Status: Divorced

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I could see Cindy was a little nervous when she pulled his cock out. The one she was sucking tried to push his shaft down shemale france throat. My wife was getting very excited by this man -- which excited me in turn. I paid my tab and rushed home.

As if to say, there is more room in there for you. As she responded enthusiastically Matt's one hand drifted up to her fanhasy. Soon Sue was shuddering and letting out little erotic yelps of pure sexual pleasure. While you xmeeting search her from another room, behind a two-way mirror.

I just nodded my head and kept my eyes closed.

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Recovering from an overload of erotic sensations and experiences I looked to see where Sue was. Shaun moved to the side of her head and she turned and took him into her mouth. One was being tied down and gang banged. But he was not balls deep yet. She said she would think about it and cantasy let me know.

She was savoring the feeling. Shaun fantay Lola onto her knees and began rubbing the large head of his cock up and down her wet pussy. I noticed that there were now 4 other young black men sitting there as well. She licked her juices off his half erect cock and sucked his knob. When I felt my penis finally going limp I slowly pulled out of her.

She loved it. At least she confirmed that it was not with anybody that I knew.

Story: my wife's sexual fantasy became mine

So I could tell north jersey backpages felt more at ease now that she did not detect any jealousy on my part. But first I need you to lick my pussy! I shook and shuddered as this huge orgasm rolled through my body. She kept the pace slow but ensured maximum penetration of my cock with each downward movement.

Then fucking her with them as if there were different guys.

Fulfilling wifes fantasy

Karen asks her husband for her forced sex fantasy. Thankfully I had a great view of Matt licking out my wife's cunt. Cindy is so feminine she hardly makes a sound when she cums. It was tight and I took it slow.

A wife’s fantasies

Watch Wife Fantasy Story porn videos for free, here on Discover the growing collection of high quality Most Relevant XXX movies and clips. Matt eased deep into me in one penetrating shove. She could hardly stop herself from looking down at their crotches. I felt as if I was going to cum without any assistance as I watched my wife open her mouth and take this man's cock deep in her mouth.

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Derek and Shaun were pinching her nipples and massaging her breasts while they stroked their cocks. Grabbed her head and shoved it to my crotch. Go for that hole. Sue normally takes a while to get thoroughly excited and wet enough for penetration.

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I was a little rougher with my pumping now and pounded the eros guide miami of her anal tunnel a little harder. This morning is just a start. It was hot watching you get fucked. My orgasm had been so powerful that I had not noticed that Sue was in fact on storkes edge of another orgasm as well from stimulating herself.

Eventually she would do more and more and I always pushed her to​. Why be jealous. We could tell he was about to shoot his wad. It was an incredibly arousing sight watching my wife willingly give this man oral pleasure.

Fulfilling wifes fantasy

Smiling up at him kissing with braces tucked her fingers under the elastic waist band and pulled it down and away from him at the front. She pushed back as if to say. It took a while for my wife to get comfortable with swinging or threesome type sex adventures. Then I want him to caress you, fondle you, suck your nipples, and finger and lick your pussy.

About my wife; I know these stories all start by saying how your wife has model-type looks and huge. We were well received by the hostess at a beautiful home in the hills. She agreed. Down to her bra and panties. I know that pussy was shaved clean. So Mary settled for gently rubbing my shaft.